Anatomy: Functional Body Systems DVD

Anatomy: Functional Body Systems DVD
  • Author: Boulton & Hawker
    Format: DVD
    Publication Date: 2010
    Reading Age: Key Stage 5


Using detailed diagrams and the latest animation techniques, this 2010 DVD looks inside the human body to explore in detail the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. It explains their functions and how these essential systems work together during exercise and while we rest. For KS3-KS5. It covers: Skeletal system - the purpose, types and functions of bones; joint types and their functions and joint movements. Muscular system - the purpose and types of muscles; connective tissue; fibres; contractions; effects of exercise and muscle strength. Cardiovascular system - how it works and what it does; the positive effects of exercise. Respiratory system - what it is, how it works and the vital role the system plays; how it can be damaged by smoking and asthma. Nervous system - how the central and peripheral nervous systems work and control communication within our bodies. Chapterised DVD with English captions for the deaf or hearing impaired. Programme support notes.