Biomechanics of the Body DVD

Biomechanics of the Body DVD
  • Author: Boulton & Hawker
    Format: DVD
    Publication Date: 2008
    Reading Age: Key Stage 5


Suitable for GCSE and AS/A2/BTEC students, this 2008 DVD looks at the physics of human movement, and shows how it can be used to optimize an athletes- performance. It deals with: Forces - Newton-s Three Laws of Motion; four different types of forces: isometric, isotonic, sub-maximal, maximal; five main principles for applying force at maximum efficiency: inertia, momentum, impulse, accuracy, force reception. Levers with examples of each within human body and external to the body. Motion - linear, angular and general motion; moment of inertia, angular momentum, projectile motion dependent on height and angle of release, and object-s weight and shape; projectile motion also affected by air resistance and spin. Friction - rolling and sliding friction; manipulating friction by altering surfaces or forces. Balance and stability - stability dependent on line of gravity, weight of object and position of base of support; centre of gravity and line of gravity; static and dynamic stability.