Case Studies in Sport Marketing

Case Studies in Sport Marketing
  • ISBN: 9781885693471
  • Author: Brenda G. Pitts
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 24 Jan 2006
Price: £26.99


Enterprising. Aggressive. Demanding. This is the business of sports as we know it today! Although there are numerous specialisations in the sports industry one aspect that can either make you or break you is marketing. The book was designed with this in mind. This textbook gives students an opportunity to apply what they have learned about sport marketing principles and concepts to real-life sport business situations. Each case is geared toward the enhancement of students' competency in critical analysis problem identification decision making and solution development. The principles throughout the cases are based upon the industry segmentation model developed by Pitts Fielding and Miller (1994) which includes Sport Performance Sport Production and Sport Promotion.