Core Assessment and Training

Core Assessment and Training
  • ISBN: 9780736073844
  • Author: Human Kinetics
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: May 2010
Price: £37.99


Core health prevents injuries, improves athletic performance and helps rehabilitation. Isn't it time you knew more about this important subject? "Core Assessment and Training" covers all aspects of core training, from basic to advanced core exercises, stretches and plyometrics. Whether you are a personal trainer, strength coach or rehabilitation professional, this book will help you learn the essentials, from anatomy to assessment, client interview to core exercises. Through photos, illustrations and instructions, it offers more than 120 exercises to develop flexibility as well as core strength. Sample exercise routines and a table that lists the exercises by muscle offer a basis for programme design and provides on-the-spot reference. With this book, you can master the techniques for assessing each client's needs and design customised training programmes for maximum results.