Differentiated Homeworks for KS3 PE

Differentiated Homeworks for KS3 PE
  • ISBN: ZIGZAG6302
  • Author: ZigZag
    Format: Loose Leaf
    Publication Date: 2016
    Reading Age: Key Stage 3
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Support transition into GCSE PE with these carefully selected independent learning tasks for KS3 students. 30 interesting and versatile activities, each differentiated at two levels - allowing you to tailor tasks for each student. Perfect Preparation ahead of the New GCSE Specifications. Explore, Research and Apply key issues and bring PE to life: Exploration Worksheets - Introduce and test basic knowledge across all key topics in PE - building reflective learners to inform GCSE PE strengths and weaknesses. Research Tasks - Delve deeper into the topic - developing study skills and self-managers for future learning. Application Tasks - Bring theory to life - building connections and applying PE knowledge to real-life sporting examples and through valuable practicals. -Mix and match- as homeworks, cover sessions or classroom-based learning tasks Answers provided - for easy marking Great cross-curricular links provide skills in research, report writing and data interpretation. Covers the major topics from all of the GCSE specifications: 1. Nutrition 2. Fitness 3. Health 4. Skeletal System 5. Goal Setting 6. Cardiovascular System 7. Respiratory System 8. Participation Rates 9. Risks & Injury 10. Physical Activity Development Also available in PDF CDROM format - code ZIGZAG3289E and PE Word + PDF CDROM - code ZIGZAG2159E. These two CDs can only be purchased with unbound hard copies.