Edexcel GCSE PE 'Revise on the Go' PEpods

Edexcel GCSE PE 'Revise on the Go' PEpods
  • Author: Sarah van Wely
    Format: Audio DVD
    Publication Date: 2010
    Reading Age: GCSE
Price: £145.00


PEpods have been written and recorded to support revision of the GCSE PE for Edexcel. Special features include: Focused revision reviewing key points of theoretical knowledge, Stop and Think a feature to help listeners check learning in their head (if on the move) or on paper if they prefer, Exam style questions putting knowledge into practice, Exam Tips recapping essential skills and tactics and spotlighting key question parts: command word, subject, subject qualifier or subject focus, Audio -bullet points- to emphasize key points and Music. This product has a centre licence to enable students to download the PEpods from the school network-website to their IPods or other MP3 players and use them as they choose on the bus, at the gym, in bed anywhere!.To listen to a sample from this product, click onto our 'product try out' link.