Enhancing Performance in Sport DVD

Enhancing Performance in Sport DVD
  • Author: Boulton & Hawker
    Format: DVD
    Publication Date: 2006
    Reading Age: Key Stage 5


Suitable for students aged 14-plus, this 2006 DVD provides an overview of the various facets of performance enhancement in sport. It deals in turn with the following topics: Ergogenic aids - both legal and illegal: e.g. stimulants, narcotics, anabolic steroids, beta-blockers, diuretics, human growth hormone, EPO, blood doping; work of anti-doping agencies. Ethical considerations - of using legally available medication that enhances performance or contains banned substances, dietary supplements, local anaesthetics, intravenous hydration, and gene technology. Nutrition and dietary enhancement - preparing for competition: carbohydrate/protein intake; during/after competition: avoiding dehydration, sports drinks; benefits of vitamins and minerals? Psychological enhancement - psychological skills can be taught and acquired, and improve with practice; maintaining motivation, setting attainable goals, levels of arousal, stress management. Coaching - bringing out the best in individuals; different styles of coaching; need for knowledge, expertise and effective communication skills; coaching becoming more specialized.