Ethics in Sport

Ethics in Sport
  • ISBN: 9780736064286
  • Author: William Morgan
    Format: Hardback
    Publication Date: 01 Mar 2007
Price: £58.99


Over 4,500 copies of the previous edition were sold worldwide. This is a text for students in sport philosophy, sport ethics, sport management and sport studies courses, as well as a reference for professionals with an interest in sport ethics. World-renowned experts examine the moral and ethical issues surrounding sport in contemporary society. The book addresses a broad spectrum of current debates, including sportsmanship, doping, gender roles, social ethics, spectatorship and violence in sport. A completely revamped section on drug use and genetic technology brings readers up-to-date on ethical questions in these controversial and rapidly changing areas. The discussion questions after each essay enhance the book's usability on courses and aid reader understanding.

2nd Revised edition