Fair Play in Sport: The Role of Umpires and Referee DVD

Fair Play in Sport: The Role of Umpires and Referee DVD
  • Author: Boulton & Hawker
    Format: DVD
    Publication Date: 2008


Suitable for students aged 14-plus this 2008 DVD introduces the key concepts of umpiring and refereeing. It deals: Why umpires are essential to sport to ensure fair adjudication, safety of players and the flow of the game; umpires act as role models enhancing the professionalism of the sport. Rules of the game - rules not just about field of play but also factors such as uniform, etiquette, duration of play and procedures when things go wrong;. rules provide framework by which the game can be best played, embody the spirit of the game, but need to be applied consistently. What makes a good umpire - a good umpire often goes unnoticed; umpires need concentration, good communication and consistent decision-making, an ability to command respect and be in peak physical condition. Trouble-shooting important to be fair, remain calm and keep to the rule-book; umpires also have authority to apply penalties; use of new technology can help settle disputes. A career in umpiring many sports have good career pathways to guide and train aspiring umpires to help them obtain reliable and well-paid jobs.