Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • ISBN: 9780736074476
  • Author: Alan S. Kornspan
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: May 2009
Price: £28.99


This book provides an introductory-level look at the opportunities and goals in the field of sport and exercise psychology. It gives readers with little or no background in psychology or sport science an opportunity to see the objectives that researchers and practitioners in the field seek out, the careers available and educational qualifications necessary to enter the field. After two chapters explaining what sport and exercise psychology is and what opportunities there are for people interested in pursuing a career in it, the book consists of seven chapters highlighting the key objectives for people at work in the field. Each chapter provides an overview of that area, how and where this information is used, who uses the information, research support for providing these interventions and finally who provides the sport and exercise psychology related services to athletes and exercisers.