Integrated Physical Education: A Guide for the Elementary Classroom Teacher

Integrated Physical Education: A Guide for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • ISBN: 9781885693938
  • Author: Lynn Dale Housner
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 02 Jul 2009
Price: £42.50


Many elementary classroom teachers who are not physical education specialists are nonetheless responsible for providing physical education to their students. This guide provides the classroom teacher with a concise overview of the essential content and pedagogical knowledge necessary to design, implement, and assess physical education programs. Based on current standards established by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), this text is designed to inform classroom teachers about the many opportunities to integrate physical education, which is the deliberate attempt to teach students conceptual knowledge that goes beyond instruction in motor skills, games, sports, and fitness activities. And because the authors of this text are particularly sensitive to the difficulties of teaching physical education when equipment and space are limited, they have included content that can be taught without the need for special facilities, equipment, or certifications. Integrated Physical Education addresses an all-encompassing scope of topics: The Curriculum in Elementary Physical Education; Fitness Education; Fundamental Movement Skills and Concepts; Educational Rhythms and Dance; Educational Gymnastics; Educational Games and Sport; Outdoor and Adventure Education; Effective Teaching; Kinesiology and Effective Teaching; Instructional Methods; Standards-Based Assessment; Instructional Resources and Technology; Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities; Teaching Multicultural Concepts Through Movement and Physical Activity; First Aid, Safety, and Liability. The book is both the ideal textbook and an indispensable resource for pre-service classroom teachers and others who are studying physical education teaching methods.