Practical Theory for GCSE AQA PE: Paper 2

Practical Theory for GCSE AQA PE: Paper 2
  • ISBN: ZIGZAG7063
  • Author: ZigZag
    Format: Loose-leaf
    Publication Date: 2017
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Putting the PHYSICAL back in to Physical Education!

Full spec coverage

16–19 carefully selected practical activities to engage and familiarise students in the theory content for both papers of the AQA GCSE PE specification.

Each practical activity is great for kinaesthetic learners and contains:

VersatileComplete in the sports hall, outside or on the athletics track.

  • Relevant and concise aims – link practical activities to essential specification content.
  • Cool-down questions – encourage detailed understanding and assessment of learning.
  • Exam-style questions – provide focus at the end of each session.