Strength Training for Speed: Scientific Principles and Practical Application

Strength Training for Speed: Scientific Principles and Practical Application
  • ISBN: 9781905367504
  • Author: James Wild
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 30 Aug 2014
Price: £19.99


Speed is integral to the successful performance of individuals and teams in most sports. Knowledge of the ways in which high-performance athletes train to develop this quality is highly sought after. Strength Training for Speed is a one-stop resource for coaches and athletes looking to enhance sprinting speed through effective strength training methods. The latest scientific research is used to underpin training solutions presented within this book, which includes strength programmes followed by full international-level athletes. The scope of applicable content will be of particular interest to coaches, athletes and students. Boasting a library of over 100 exercises and a series of example periodised plans, readers will learn how to devise effective strength training programmes for any athlete - from the recreational to elite performer. Strength Training for Speed covers: Fundamental anatomy and physiology of sprinting; how to elicit the key physiological adaptations necessary for improving strength, power, and ultimately speed; biomechanics of sprinting during the acceleration and maximum velocity phases; how to design individual strength training sessions; the periodisation of strength training for speed development.