Teaching through Roles: Sport Education Guide to Football

Teaching through Roles: Sport Education Guide to Football
  • ISBN: ZIGZAG6303
  • Author: ZigZag
    Format: Loose Leaf
    Publication Date: 2016
    Reading Age: Key Stage 3
Price: £59.00


Complete 8-week courses applying the Sport Education Model to individual sports, including teacher-s guide and student workbooks for each role. Empower students to take responsibility for learning, assess performance and stay motivated as a Captain, Manager, Official, Player, Fitness Instructor or Statistician. Flip the responsibility! Workbooks provide opportunities for each student to plan, lead and evaluate across 8 weeks, building towards a final tournament. Focused and clear write-on tasks - for each role and every lesson - provide students with a deeper understanding of sporting roles beyond the performer Concise, accessible instructions engage students as independent learners Explicit AfL opportunities - weekly progress, peer feedback and self-assessments - -What went well-, -Even better if- and -Rate yourself- Fully Resourced - Easy to prepare, facilitate and assess learning Comprehensive teacher-s guide: 8 detailed lesson plans, plus overviews of the model, roles and scoring system Activities provided in 2 formats: A5 write-on workbooks for students to keep and 48 A4 task sheets to pull out for each lesson. Also available in PDF CDROM format - code ZIGZAG3289F and PE Word + PDF CDROM - code ZIGZAG2159F. These two CDs can only be purchased with unbound hard copies.