Advances in Sport Psychology

Advances in Sport Psychology
  • ISBN: 9780736057356
  • Author: Thelma Horn
    Format: Hardback
    Publication Date: 11 Apr 2008
Price: £68.99


This new edition is truly a book of advances in sport psychology research. This is a thorough, up-to-date review of the literature and terminology in key topic areas. The clear explanation of potential research directions and the list of contributors make this a must-have book for students of sport psychology. This edition strongly reflects the current path of research that recognises the merging of individual and socio-environmental factors in making sense of sport performance, motivations and research that keep this discipline growing. The 17 chapter topics reflect the most important and active areas of research in sport psychology today, including motivational orientations, self confidence, coaching effectiveness, flow in sport and sport injury. All chapters returning to this third edition have been substantially revised. New chapters include qualititative research methods, attributions and perceived control, achievement goal theories and self confidence.This will be an ideal text for second and third year sport psychology students and as a reference for professionals in the field.

3rd Revised edition