All About Muscles DVD

All About Muscles DVD
  • Author: Boulton & Hawker
    Format: DVD
    Publication Date: 2008


Suitable for AS/A2 students, this (2008) DVD provides a detailed examination of the structure, function and action of muscles. It deals with the following topics: Muscle functions - voluntary and involuntary muscles; muscles have many different functions (e.g. facilitating movement, maintaining posture and regulating body heat). Types of muscle and muscle physiology (Part 1) - characteristics and functions of smooth, cardiac and skeletal muscles; structure and action of skeletal muscle (explains origin, moving end/ insertion, epimysium, tendons, fibres, fasciculi, perimysium, sarcolemma/sarcoplasm). Types of muscle and muscle physiology (Part 2) - explains structure and action of muscle fibre, looking at myofibrils, sarcomeres, actin and myosin filaments; three types of skeletal muscle - fusiform, pennate and radiate muscles; three types of joint (immovable fibrous, slightly movable cartilaginous, and synovial joints); bones connected by cartilage and protected by ligaments. Muscle fibres - characteristics and functions of slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibres. Muscular contractions - muscles work in pairs (agonist and antagonist); three types of muscle contraction - isotonic(concentric/eccentric), isometric and isokinetic. Inside the muscles - nervous control responsible for muscle contractions; role of sensory and motor neurons; outline of biochemical process for releasing energy to contract muscle. Highly recommended.