Archery: Steps to Success

Archery: Steps to Success
  • ISBN: 9781450444682
  • Author: Kathleen Haywood; Catherine Lewis
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 08 Nov 2013
Price: £15.99


Strike gold with this latest addition to our bestselling Steps to Success range. You can master the skills, techniques and strategies necessary to shoot accurately, consistently and safely. Archery, Steps to Success is packed with progressive instruction and accompanying full-colour photographs. This unique resource contains exercises for each phase of the shot-stance, draw, aim, release and follow-through - for both recurve and compound bows. Whether new to the sport or an experienced competitor, this manual will help readers learn and improve all aspects of the sport. As part of the popular Steps to Success Series, Archery certainly strikes gold when it comes to comprehensive archery instruction.