AS/A1 Revise PE for Edexcel

AS/A1 Revise PE for Edexcel
  • ISBN: 9781901424881
  • Author: Dr. Dennis Roscoe & Jan Roscoe
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 26th August 2016
Price: £20.99



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The ONLY book available for teaching the new 2016 Edexcel A Level syllabus.

This Edexcel endorsed A Level PE book is designed specifically to cover the examinable content for the Edexcel AS Physical Education qualification (8PE0) and year one of the Edexcel A Level Physical Education qualification (9PE0).
This text book is presented in a concise and visual approach for effective and efficient revision, consisting of substantial student notes with colour illustrations, photographs, tables, figures and revision summary charts. Subject matter is summarised, explaining in simple language what are sometimes complicated concepts or issues. The key concepts are defined clearly with examples that can be used in answers to exam questions, enabling the student to self test. Exam style questions are provided at the end of each chapter which stretch and challenge students and give context to the theoretical principles covered in the syllabuses. Answers to questions are supported on the JRP website. At the end of the book there is a comprehensive index available for easy reference.


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