Basketball Essentials

Basketball Essentials
  • ISBN: 9781492519614
  • Author: Ryan Goodson
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: October 2016
Price: £14.99


In Basketball Essentials, you learn by doing. Sequential instruction and detailed photographs guide readers through performing the techniques and tactics of the game.
In addition to the basics, players are challenged to expand their skillset and use newly acquired tactics for competitive advantage. More than 100 of the best practice drills will develop players and improve their performance. Both players and coaches will gain an understanding of the game, offensive and defensive strategies and proven plays.
Basketball Essentials is the best way to learn the basics in less time. This guide will not only teach the skills but also the love of the game.

Selected Contents

Introduction. Preparing to Practice and Learn
Chapter 1. Dribbling
Chapter 2. Passing
Chapter 3. Inside Shots
Chapter 4. Outside Shots
Chapter 5. Screening
Chapter 6. Rebounding
Chapter 7. Individual Defense
Chapter 8. On-Court Play
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