Basketball: Steps to Success

Basketball: Steps to Success
  • ISBN: 9781450414883
  • Author: Hal Wissel
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 04 Oct 2011
Price: £17.99


Now in it's 3rd edition with over 130,000 sold, learn to play and coach basketball with the experts! Learning and teaching basketball skills and tactics can be challenging. Executing them in competition can be troubling. Mastering them can be a career-long quest. Is it possible that a single book can provide all the instruction you need to conquer these basketball roadblocks? First you must know exactly how the skill or tactic is properly performed. Then you need to attempt it again and again, with corrective advice through those trials until you get it right. Next comes practice. Lots of practice, with drills designed to make performance of the skill or tactic efficient and effective. In "Basketball: Steps to Success", Coach Hal Wissel covers the entire progression of technical and tactical development needed to become a complete player.

3rd Revised edition