BMX Champion

BMX Champion
  • ISBN: 9781445136172
  • Author: Franklin Watts; James Nixon
    Format: Hardback
    Publication Date: 22 Jan 2015
    Reading Age: From 9
Price: £12.99


This series is all about the exhilarating world of extreme sports and what it takes to become a top professional. Each title lists the essential equipment you need and examines the basic skills, before going on to look at the more demanding tricks and stunts. There are also profiles of some of the greatest names in the sport, the biggest competitions in the world and the most fearsome locations that these daring competitors come up against. BMX Champion opens up the world of BMX biking, both racing and freestyle. Techniques, facts, stats and competitor profiles grab young readers' attention and ensure a thrilling read from cover to cover.

Illustrated edition