Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Sport and Physical Activity

Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Sport and Physical Activity
  • ISBN: 9781471874857
  • Author: Helen Bray; Scott Chapman; Alister Myatt; Annette Short; Suzanne Bointon; James Martin
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 26 Aug 2016
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Support your teaching of the new Cambridge Technicals 2016 suite with Cambridge Technical Level 3 Sport, developed in partnership between OCR and Hodder Education; this textbook covers each specialist pathway and ensures your ability to deliver a flexible course that is both vocationally focused and academically thorough. Cambridge Technical Level 3 Sport is matched exactly to the new specification and follows specialist pathways in n coaching, leadership and physical education, fitness instructing, personal training, and sports management, development and leisure. - Ensures effective teaching of each specialist pathway offered within the qualification. - Focuses learning on the skills, knowledge and understanding demanded from employers and universities. - Provides ideas and exercises for the application of practical skills and knowledge. - Developed in partnership between Hodder Education and OCR, guaranteeing quality resources which match the specification perfectly