Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE OCR PE: Paper 2

Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE OCR PE: Paper 2
  • ISBN: ZIGZAG6941
  • Author: ZigZag Education
    Format: Photocopiable Sheets
    Reading Age: GCSE
    Examination Board: OCR
Price: £69.00


Comprehensive and challenging homeworks fully covering every topic of the new 2016 GCSE OCR PE specification.

13–15 homeworks carefully written for each individual paper.

  • Interesting and differentiated activities provide two versions of each homework – allowing you to tailor work to the needs of individual learners.
  • Opportunities for application – bring theory to life – building connections between theory and sporting examples – perfect for the new exams.
  • Extension activities - stretch and challenge both higher- and lower-ability students.

Plus plenary research task helps develop independent enquirers, delving deeper into theory content.