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Edexcel GCSE PE Kerboodle Online Student Book

Edexcel GCSE PE Kerboodle Online Student Book
  • ISBN: 9780198370246
  • Author: Oxford
    Format: Online resource
    Publication Date: 01 June 2016
    Reading Age: Key Stage 4, GCSE
Price: £180.00


The Kerboodle Book is an online version of Edexcel GCSE Physical Education Student Book written to match new Edexcel 2016 GCSE Physical Education specification. Features: Fully electronic version of the Student Book, with whiteboard tools. Easy to navigate using the contents menu, keyword search or page number search. Visual, spread-based design helps students of all levels access and understand the theory. Content is presented concisely and to the appropriate depth. Theory is contextualised through a wide range of sports to help students apply their knowledge. Active doing and discussion activities to ensure all students remain fully engaged. Exam-style questions provide valuable practice to ensure students are fully prepared for the exam. Accessible on a wide range of devices, inlcuding tablets. Other resources include Student Book and Workbook and Worksheet Resource Pack. Sold as a annual subscription.

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