Fueling Young Athletes

Fueling Young Athletes
  • ISBN: 9781492522096
  • Author: Heather Mangieri
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 31st December 2016
Price: £18.99


Young athletes are always on the go. School, family, and sports eat up a lot of time. For parents and coaches, it can be a challenge to make sure kids are eating healthfully enough to perform at their best on and off the field. Fueling Young Athletes provides the help you need.

In this practical guide, Heather Mangieri--a sport dietitian and mother of three active kids--breaks down the nutrition needs of young athletes and explains what the latest research suggests. You'll analyze current eating habits and preferences and how and where these can be improved. You'll learn how healthier meals and snacks can equate to improved performance while still being convenient and appetizing.

Fueling Young Athletes addresses the issues that families and athletes most often face, such as late-night practices, inconvenient school lunchtimes, demanding tournament schedules and travel leagues, and lack of sleep. Best of all, you'll find a collection of easy recipes for smoothies and sport drinks, all with common ingredients and nutrition information.

Weight management, supplementation, fueling, hydration--it's all here. Fueling Young Athletes is practical and realistic. If you are a parent or coach, it's the one guide you should not be without.



Part I Sports Nutrition for Today’s Athlete
Chapter 1 Building a Champion
Chapter 2 Day-to-Day Nutrition for Healthy Growth

Part II Nutrition Needs for Sports and Individual Goals
Chapter 3 Fueling and Hydrating for Your Sport
Chapter 4 Adjusting Body Composition to Reach Your Goals
Chapter 5 Fueling Your Game Day Performance
Chapter 6 Understanding Supplements
Chapter 7 Identifying and Dealing with Disordered Eating

Part III Customize Your Sports Nutrition Plan
Chapter 8 Creating Your Personal Plan
Chapter 9 Breaking Down Healthy Eating Barriers

Part IV Recipes
Chapter 10 Liquid Fuel Recipes
Chapter 11 Solid Fuel Recipes