Japan, Sport and Society

Japan, Sport and Society
  • ISBN: 9780714653587
  • Author: Joseph Maguire; Masayoshi Nakayama; Boria Majumdar; J. A. Mangan
    Format: Hardback
    Publication Date: 19 Dec 2005
Price: £130.00


Evolving for centuries in relative isolation, sport in Japan developed a unique character reflective of Japanese culture and society. In recent decades, Japan's drive towards cultural and economic modernization has consciously incorporated a modernization of its sports cultures. Japan, Sport and Society provides insights into this process, revealing the tensions between continuity and change, tradition and modernity, the local and the global in a culture facing the new economic and political realities of our modern world. The book explores three broad areas of interest: * sport and modern society in Japan * current issues in social reconstruction and reproduction in sport * modernization, globalization and sport in Japan. Providing unprecedented access to new work from Japanese scholars, and raising key questions of globalization and cultural identity, this text represents a fascinating resource for students and researchers of sport and society.