Lifestyle Diseases & How to Avoid Them DVD

Lifestyle Diseases & How to Avoid Them DVD
  • Author: Boulton & Hawker
    Format: DVD
    Publication Date: 2009
    Reading Age: Key Stage 4


Suitable for students aged 11-plus, this 2009 DVD explains how decisions teenagers make about smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise can have both immediate and long-term effects upon their health, and identifies lifestyle choices that can improve health now and in the future. Smoking - explains the short-term effects of smoking and its possible long-term consequences. Alcohol - highlights the immediate risks of alcohol consumption and some of the possible long-term consequences, but emphasizes that it is a lifestyle choice for teenagers to decide about. Diet and exercise - looks at the long-term effects of obesity (including type 2 diabetes), which are made worse by eating unhealthy foods and lack of exercise. Sleep - explains how teenagers need on average nine hours of sleep a night, but many get much less; inadequate sleep has been linked to various health problems. Stress - unlike choices regarding smoking and drinking, etc., avoiding stress entirely is never an option; looks at ways of relieving stress such as yoga and meditation. Take control - looks at the benefits of quitting smoking, good diet and exercise, avoiding alcohol, getting adequate sleep, and practicing techniques to reduce stress A detailed teacher's guide is supplied on the DVD version (includes photocopiable activity and fact sheets).