Macroelements, Water and Electrolytes in Sports Nutrition

Macroelements, Water and Electrolytes in Sports Nutrition
  • ISBN: 9780849381966
  • Author: Judy A. Driskell; Ira Wolinsky
    Format: Hardback
    Publication Date: 17 Jun 1999
Price: £170.00


The media extols the health benefits of good nutrition and physical activity. Since exercise and sport is becoming a bigger concern to the general public and not just elite athletes, the interest in research in this field is growing. Macroelements, Water and Electrolytes in Sport Nutrition addresses the relationship of macroelement needs and interactions to sports and exercise. Research indicates that work capacity and other measures of physical performance are influenced by the intake of water as well as several of the macroelements, including electrolytes. This book examines the convincing, and the not so convincing, evidence about the connection between exercise and sports activities and the nutrient status of individuals. Written by individuals from various academic disciplines, the book is a comprehensive, indispensable resource for scientists and practitioners with an interest in sports nutrition. It provides a review of topics related to water, macroelements, and exercise as well as identifies gaps in our knowledge, encouraging researchers to build upon the existing knowledge and advance our understanding of sport nutrition.