Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
  • ISBN: 9781405153546
  • Author: Hayley Daries
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 12 Oct 2012
Price: £41.95


Food and drink choices before, during and after training and competition have a direct impact on health, body mass and composition, nutrient availability and recovery time, and an optimal diet can significantly improve exercise performance. Nutrition for Sport and Exercise outlines the fundamental principles of nutrition in relation to sport and exercise and then applies these principles through practical tools such as food and nutrient lists, recipes and menu options. This practical guide translates the athlete s goals into achievable strategies and shortens the gap between theory and practice. Equipping the reader to successfully implement dietary changes, this is an invaluable resource for athletes, sports physicians and undergraduate students of nutrition and sport and exercise science courses. Special Features * Dedicated chapters on the impact and relevance of specific nutrients and food groups * Includes recipes and menu options * Covers the area of sport and exercise nutrition with an evidence-based approach * Concise and accessible, combining theory and practice