OCR A Level PE Workbook: Paper 1

OCR A Level PE Workbook: Paper 1
  • ISBN: 9781398312654
  • Author: Kate McDonnell
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 29-Jan-21
    Examination Board: OCR
Price: £9.50


Strengthen students' understanding of key OCR A Level topics for Paper 1 and develop the vital skills required to attain the best results possible in the exams, with this expert-written Student Workbook.  Written by experienced examiners and teachers, this write-in Student Workbook: 

  • Actively develops knowledge and the ability to recall information with consolidation questions and short topic summaries
  • Reinforces understanding and boosts confidence with exam-style practice questions and clear spotlight of the Assessment Objectives
  • Encourages independent learning as students can use the Workbook at home or in class, throughout the course or for last-minute revision, with answers to tasks and activities supplied online