Postural Assessment

Postural Assessment
  • ISBN: 9781450400961
  • Author: Jane Johnson
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 8th December 2011
Price: £33.00


This title is the latest addition to the bestselling "Hands-On Guides for Therapists" series! "Postural Assessment" is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to assessing posture, with tips that will enable you to perform your observations in a confident and competent manner. This book focuses on what posture reveals about the relationships among various body parts so that you can be better informed about whether such relationships are causing or contributing to pain or discomfort. The emphasis is on the assessment of static posture in standing and seated positions.

This is the latest book by Jane Johnson in the "Hands-On Guides for Therapists" and is written for complete beginners in the use of postural assessment as an examination tool which will generate ideas about what to look for, how to identify common postural forms and how to make sense of your observations. This title is featured at sport medicine events throughout the UK and Europe. Mailing of this title is to medicine and rehabilitation professionals.


Part I. Getting Started With Postural Assessment
Chapter 1. Introduction to Postural Assessment
What Is Posture?
What Factors Affect Posture?
Is There an Ideal Posture?
Why Should I Do a Postural Assessment?
Who Should Have a Postural Assessment?
Where Can Postural Assessment Take Place?
When Should Postural Assessment Be Done?
Closing Remarks
Quick Questions

Chapter 2. Preparing for Postural Assessment
Equipment Required
Time Required
Postural Assessment Steps
Standard Alignments
Documenting Your Findings
Cautions and Safety Issues
Closing Remarks
Quick Questions

Part II. Carrying Out Postural Assessment
Chapter 3. Posterior Postural Assessment
Upper Body
Lower Body
Quick Questions

Chapter 4. Lateral Postural Assessment
Upper Body
Lower Body
Comparing Overall Posture
Quick Questions

Chapter 5. Anterior Postural Assessment
Upper Body
Lower Body
An Overall View: Body Shape
Quick Questions

Chapter 6. Seated Postural Assessment
Posterior View
Lateral View
Quick Questions

Appendix: Postural Assessment Charts
Answers to Quick Questions
About the Author