Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing
  • ISBN: 9780736068024
  • Author: Wilderness Education Association; Timothy W. Kidd; Jennifer Marie Hazelrigs
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: Aug 2009
Price: £14.99


Rock climbing or bouldering in a natural environment or on artificial climbing walls, leads to new places, exciting adventures, peaceful relaxation and a lifetime of recreation and fitness. It's small wonder then that climbing in one of the fastest growing outdoor sports. Learning to climb couldn't be easier! In this title, expert teachers instruct the basic techniques and skills so reader's can quickly gain the essential knowledge and prepare for a climbing adventure. The book introduces readers to different types of outdoor and indoor climbing. Then they'll learn how to select the right equipment and gear for safety and survival skills. Finally, the book builds climbing technique so before long readers are ready to go climbing! Starting with easy climbs, leading to more challenging climbing adventures. Part I prepares readers for adventure with the necessary background knowledge, fitness basics, equipment and gear selection, nutritional needs, safety and survival skills. Part II builds basic techniques and skills for success so readers can embark on their first and subsequent adventures of increasing difficulty. Throughout the book, expert guides provide technique, consumer and safety tips from their extensive experience.