Teaching Disability Sport-2nd Edition: A Guide for Physical Educators

Teaching Disability Sport-2nd Edition: A Guide for Physical Educators
  • ISBN: 9780736082587
  • Author: Ronald W Davis
    Format: Hardback
    Publication Date: 10 Dec 2010
Price: £44.99


This new edition of "Teaching Disability Sport: A Guide for Physical Educators "is loaded with five new chapters, more than 200 games and skills, and everything that future and current teachers need to plan and implement sport skill-related lessons in an inclusive physical education program. Published in its first edition as "Inclusion Through Sports," this rendition places greater emphasis on preparing future physical education teachers to use disability sport in their programs. It offers instruction on the various aspects of disability sport, how to teach it, and how to improve programming for students, regardless of ability or disability. This new edition includes the following features: - A DVD that contains video clips of activities as well as assessment forms and other reproducible forms - Templates for and guidance in creating individualized education programs (IEPs), lesson plans, assessments, and unit plans - One new sport chapter (on boccia) - Four new chapters discussing how to use the achievement-based curriculum (ABC) model to integrate disability sport into physical education classes This book and DVD package is the ideal resource for physical education teachers who want to incorporate inclusive sport skill instruction through sports traditionally identified with disability sport programs. The sports featured in this book are wheelchair basketball, wheelchair indoor soccer, sitting volleyball, wheelchair tennis, goalball, slalom, and boccia. The games are organized by skill, so teachers can select games based on the skills they want to teach. The skills for each sport are task analyzed to help teachers address the needs of students with disabilities. Teachers will learn how to make psychomotor modifications to games to include students with and without disabilities; teachers will also learn how to involve all students in making decisions about the modifications. The book's ABC model guides readers through the stages of program planning, implementation planning, teaching, assessment, and evaluating. Readers are also shown how to use IEPs and develop goals and objectives for lesson plans. In addition, "Teaching Disability Sport "provides instruction on wheelchair selection and fitting, equipment concerns, and Web addresses for adapted sports and activities. And an inclusion index makes selecting the right sports and games easy. The 200+ games and activities are cross-referenced to functional profiles (low, medium, high) of students with disabilities. Teachers have the choice of which disability sports to implement and to what level. With "Teaching Disability" "Sport," kids both with and without disabilities win!