The Science of Gymnastics: Advanced Concepts

The Science of Gymnastics: Advanced Concepts
  • ISBN: 9781138701939
  • Author: Jemni, Monem
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 22 Jan 2018
Price: £37.99


The Science of Gymnastics provides the most comprehensive and accessible introduction available to the fundamental physiological, biomechanical and psychological principles underpinning performance in artistic gymnastics. The second edition introduces three new sections: applied coaching, motor learning and injury prevention and safety, and features contributions from leading international sport scientists and gymnastics coaches and instructors. With case studies and review questions included in each chapter, the book examines every key aspect of gymnastic training and performance, including: physiological assessment, diet and nutrition, energetics, ???kinetics and kinematics, spatial orientation and motor control, career transitions, mental skills training and perception, injury assessment and prevention, with clinical cases, advanced case studies in rotations, vault approach and elastic technologies in gymnastics. A fully dedicated website provides a complete set of lecture material, including ready-to-use animated slides related to each chapter, and the answers to all review questions in the book. The book represents an important link between scientific theory and performance. As such, The Science of Gymnastics is essential reading for any student, researcher or coach with an interest in gymnastics, and useful applied reading for any student of sport science or sports coaching.