Abdominal Exercises Chart - A1 Poster

Abdominal Exercises Chart - A1 Poster
  • ISBN: 5060477922088
  • Author: Chartex
    Format: Poster
    Publication Date: 2010
    Reading Age: Key Stage 5


Complementing The Chartex Weight Training Series the Ethnically neutral Abdominal Exercise Chart chart is designed by for all ages & abilities to improve general strength & fitness Of Abdominal & Core Muscles through a range of popular floor exercises.  
The central Anatomy figure is derived from hand drawn illustrations commissioned by Chartex prior to the 'Digital Age'.
The anatomy illustration graphically discribes the specific muscles targetted by each exercise & explains its general function.
The exercise figures colourfully illustrate the main abdominal muscles targetted & provide brief technique & exercise variation information.    
The chart template provides usefuladditional information & guidance.    
The Chartex Abdominal Exercise Chart is designed to be informative, functional & decorative, providing a useful training aid & reference resource for educational facilities, Fitness Clubs, Home & Commercial Gymnasiums.