Beginning Jazz Dance

Beginning Jazz Dance
  • ISBN: 9781450468947
  • Author: James Robey
    Format: Paperback
    Publication Date: 31 Dec 2015
Price: £30.49


Beginning Jazz Dance provides students with the context, background information and basic instruction they need in order to understand the genre and appreciate jazz dance as a performing art. Students learn the core concepts of jazz dance, the value of studying jazz dance and class expectations as well as gaining an understanding of the structure of a jazz dance class, the roles of everyone in the studio and how to be physically and mentally prepared for class. It also offers tips on injury prevention, nutrition guidelines and basic anatomy and physiology as applied to movement in jazz dance. It comes with a web resource that includes 55 photos and 125 video clips of basic jazz dance technique which students can access at any time. Students and lecturers alike will benefit from the wealth of resources on the website which include assignments, worksheets, glossary terms with and without definitions, interactive chapter quizzes and web links.