Edexcel GCSE PE Kerboodle Online Licence

Edexcel GCSE PE Kerboodle Online Licence
  • ISBN: 9780198370239
  • Author: Maarit Edy; Matthew Hunter
    Format: Online resource
    Publication Date: 01 June 2015
    Reading Age: Key Stage 4, GCSE
Price: £175.00


Kerboodle provides excellent online resource supporting both written and coursework units, with animations and other interactive resources for both teaching staff and students alike. Supports the 2016 Edexcl GCSE PE curriculum, consists of editable mark schemes and annotated model answers for all exam-style questions in the student book. Editable lesson presentations and end-of-chapter tests. A bank of weblinks, animations and video clips including 'Top 10 teaching tips'. Editable sample answers to the activities in the Student Book and the Workbook and Worksheet Resource Pack. Free Kerboodle staff training is available in addition to a free 4 week trial. Please provide your email address when ordering this product as it is an online service. This licence is a annual renewal subscription.

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